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ol_comaghawazee's Journal

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I'm a tortured old soul getting back on her feet again. Currently, secluded in the wild, hilly, backwoods of Indiana- I'll soon be leaving the wilds for some civilization. I'm an artist/craftswoman by trade, just trying to pay the bills and put some beans back for retirement. You will find me waddling through SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism)events and trying to get my body back with belly dance. After years of manipulation and crap, I am quite ready to be free to do what I want! Not what others think I should do. If your part of the latter, don't get in my way- I will bite (and I have NOT had my shots).

I love the outdoors and will miss this place when I leave. But whether here or in the city- you will likely find me sitting under a tree;lost in a book, watching people and nature, sketching, or contemplative n designing something creative.

I am a free spirit, who will never be caged ever again!